Technology We Use

Technology We Will Use

The live course provides you with a computer workstation and all required software in the classroom. Wireless Internet connectivity and ports (Ethernet) are provided in our classroom. Our goal is to use basic, off-the-shelf software tools and online services that are either free, or are provided a nominal cost. Also check out this  link for several free alternatives to commercial multimedia applications.

Most peripheral equipment like cameras, mics, tripods, and cables may be obtained through the Equipment Services Lab (ESL) in Franklin 106. If you are taking this class at the Stark Campus, the library has some gear and they will have a list with your names. You may need to purchase your own reusable media.

All of the computers provide in the classroom are Apple/Macintosh.  Most of the software tools provide downloads for cross-platform applications to make it possible for you to use at home or on a PC.

Software Applications

1. Video/Audio Editing, CompositingFree:
YouTube Video Editor – online. 
WeVideo – online video editor. Better than YouTube. Free or subscribe. 
iMovie – Mac OS
Movie Maker – Windows OS
Kdenlive – Free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
Final Cut Pro – Mac OS
Premiere Pro CS6 – Mac OS / Windows

2. Photo Editing, Image Manipulation
Pixlr (Free, runs in the cloud, looks like Photoshop)

3. Audio recording/Editing

4. Screen Capture Utility

5. Off-campus Connectivity

6. Multimedia/Photoessay Creation
Soundslides – only download Soundslides Plus demo. 

7. FTP File Transfer application


8. Communication/IP Telephony
Google – Chrome Remote Desktop – You must have a gmail/google account and use Chrome to enable this.
When we share screens to get help from your instructor. Will not work with your KSU Gmail account.

9. Audio file transcoding
Switch – make sure you download the free link at the bottom of the page. 

10. Video file transcoding

MPEG Streamclip – A powerful free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows.
VLC Player

11. KSU Software
General KSU info
Links to Download Mac/PC


Digital still camera
Audio recorder
Digital Camcorder
Batteries, cables, accessories.


Camera (SDHC) card 8GB minimum
Thumb/Flash Drive (Buy the largest you can afford, 4GB minimum)

Networked File Storage

Web Space – KSU site where you can store personal work. 
See THIS LINK – how to use to get your Soundslides project to your site. Has some applications for you but not viable for this class anymore.

Blogging & Web Development


Google Docs (Access through Flashline)

Online Grading/Quizzes (Access through Flashline)

Online Video


Updated by Bruce March 2014 with additional links to new free stuff.
Thank you Dr. Murray!